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But when does it fall into place?

Over the last few days I've heard way too many people say "and then it just fell into place". I don't understand that. This semester has been hell in a hand basket to say the least. I've worked so hard and feel like nothing was falling into place. Nothing I did was right. I'd like to see a study of how long it takes for things to just magically fall into place. Maybe I'm blind. Maybe I'm not being grateful for what I have but today it's really hard to see anything falling into place.  This week I went to my freshman roommates wedding. It was beautiful. Rachel looked so happy and ready to take on the world. There is a group of about 12 of us that were best friends freshman year. While I was there they all loved to talk about funny things their husbands do and what amazing baby clothing discounts they just found at gap. I don't have a baby. I don't have a husband. I can barely take care of myself and manage my classes. This makes me feel so …

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